Foursquare For Real Estate Investing

Social networking site foursquare has quickly emerged from a new player on the block to one of the hottest platforms for promoting your business on the web, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked for real estate investing companies.

Foursquare has rocketed from zero to seven million users in 24 months and now even has it’s own day of the year – April 16th.  While many of those in the real estate investing business haven’t gotten around to figuring it out yet or how to use it for promoting themselves, other businesses are using it to run competitions and are grabbing free press.

In many ways foursquare is the ultimate tool for real estate investing companies to be engaging prospects and clients.  Unlike many other forms of social networking foursquare provides the perfect blend between the web and bricks and mortar. Even better, it provides laser targeting for reaching local prospects.

So how should you be using foursquare?  Use foursquare for putting your real estate investing business on the map, literally.  Use it to run competitions and promotions that offer discounts and get people starting real conversations.  Then use your foursquare marketing as a reason to generate press releases and gain more media attention.

Know that you do not just have to rely on users searching for real estate investing related businesses in your area to find you on foursquare or even your business in particular.  Post tips at busy locations that link back to you and advertise your services.

Also consider competitions and games using strategic partners and their locations to cross promote and feed off of their check-ins.  Think tours, giveaways, rewards and promoting ‘off market’ listings that can be unlocked with check-ins.

Some social networks are nothing more than distractions for real estate investing companies, but with a little creativity you will find foursquare incredible valuable.

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