Housing Statistics: Don’t Be Tripped By The Dip

Housing statistics are likely to see a fluctuation over the next couple of months, but real estate investors can’t let seasonal trends trip them up.

It’s clear that we are far from being in bubble territory and still have plenty of fuel left in the recovery, but a variety of factors combine at this time of year to twist housing statistics.

Coming off of the peak summer season, it can appear that housing transactions are slowing down and inventory is piling up. Some novice investors and amateur analysts will use this data to say the market is cooling or at least that the rebound is slowing. However, veteran real estate investing pros know that this can give them a huge advantage over the less experienced competition.

A large percentage of the population aims to sell, buy or switch rentals by the time the new school season starts each year. That means those that were successful are staying put for a while. However, those that weren’t able to buy or sell yet are likely to be more motivated than ever and eager to cut a deal.

Over the next couple of months, savvy real estate investors know that they should also see a ripple effect. Many property owners may reduce their asking prices, creating even more opportunities for investing and bagging bargain home deals.

Real estate investing pros with a longer term, big picture outlook recognize that this is also the time to plan marketing surges for the upcoming holidays. This allows them to grab as much business from Thanksgiving through Black Friday and the traditional December rush for gifts, adjusting portfolios and contributing to retirement accounts.

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