Is It Too Late To Start Using Social Media For Your Real Estate Business?

by Chris Musial

You might think that from all the buzz about social media marketing for real estate investing that that all of the social networks must be completely flooded with competitors.  Many use this as an excuse not to get in and fear that it will cost them too much to catch up.

Firstly, this is a terrible reason to delay starting social media campaigns for your real estate investing.  Of course the longer you wait the stronger of a foothold your competition will have, meaning having to expend more resources to try and catch up.

Secondly, most investors will probably be pretty surprised to find that there are many areas of the country poorly served by real estate investing companies or even Realtors for that matter on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.  Can you believe that at the time of writing this blog post there are zero results on for ‘New Jersey homes for sale’ or ‘New Jersey homes to buy’!  So if someone happened to be searching on Twitter for ‘New Jersey homes for sale’ no one would be there to serve them.  That is not just incredible, but pretty bad for the public too.  This is even more shocking since the roll out of Google’s new Social Search feature.

So is it too late to start using social media for your real estate investing business?  Not by a long shot.  There is still room for you to make an impact, and without going broke trying to do it.  Still the time to act is now before it does become more difficult.  Thousands of new people are joining the most popular social networks everyday.  However you can be sure that there is only a limited number of real estate investing businesses they are going to want to follow on Twitter and Facebook, so make sure it is you.