Is Your Content Killing Your Real Estate Investing Business

Any real estate investing pro who is taking their business seriously in 2012 knows they need a ton of content but is yours actually killing your future prospects?

The rush to generate lots of fresh new content is on for real estate investing companies. You need blog posts, web copy, printed marketing materials, social media posts, articles, press releases and perhaps even your own ebooks. With Google’s recent changes freshness and uniqueness of content is more important than ever. Plus with all the mobile devices now in the hands of prospects after the holiday season posting more frequently is more essential than before. However, you can’t afford to let the urgent need for content cause you to sacrifice quality.

Content is great for SEO but it also gets read by real people. Real people who will judge your business, your expertise, your character and your properties by what they read. You certainly cannot afford to write all of this content yourself unless you want to become a writer versus a real estate investing professional. It’s fine if you do, just expect a big pay cut. However, it is crucial to recruit writers who have real estate investing knowledge and experience or who can at least come across like they do.

If you don’t you may still be able to generate lots of traffic and clicks on your web assets, perhaps even a good amount of opt-ins but if you aren’t providing friendly, valuable content that sounds educated then it’s a one shot deal. These prospects may just get turned off and may never buy from you, sell their homes to you or loan you money as a private mortgage lender.

Isn’t it better to spend a little more time getting high quality content that will convert and actually be shared and that will help grow your real estate investing exponentially than generating a little more traffic that won’t put dollars into your pocket?

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