Is Your Social Media Killing Your Deals?

by Chris Musial

Social media marketing has become one of the top choices for real estate investing companies looking for fast and cost effective lead generation solutions, but could social media really be killing your deals?

Social media marketing certainly can be incredibly effective and not only dramatically increase your flow of prospects but help you build a valuable real estate investing brand as well.  However if you are not careful social media can also have a negative impact on your real estate investing business as well.

Before you even get going with social media marketing you should take a moment to decide what your brand is all about, what image you are trying to portray and what you are trying to accomplish with it.  This will give you a solid guide for all other decisions and help you determine what you should and should not be posting.

For a start you may want to clean up you own personal social networking profiles.  Prospects and potential business partners will look you up and while showing a little personality is good, pictures of you with your head in the toilet after a heavy Saturday night out probably aren’t going to make the best impression.

This example is pretty obvious to most of us.  However there are other posts that really effect your real estate investing deals.  For example those who are bragging about how low they bought a property for or how much profit they made on their last deal could be killing future deals.  Regardless of the numbers not many retail buyers are going to want to purchase a home you are flipping if you just bought it for $100,000 less.  Similarly if sellers see how much you are making on their property they may try to back out of the contract.

So yes social media marketing can do great things for your real estate investing business, but just watch what you are posting…

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