Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Get a Life & Close More Real Estate Deals

Written by Than Merrill

Still struggling to find more work-life balance and tired of the same old advice?

While a 4 hour work week may technically be possible for top end real estate investing pros, it’s totally understandable that your passion for flipping houses and stacking up the vault just won’t allow you to cut back.

You can never seem to shorten your work week, take long carefree weekends away without at least 2 or 3 devices to stay wired in, never mind ‘mini-retirements’  and no matter how many scientific studies ‘prove’ working less than 40 hours means optimal productivity you could never sit still that long.

Yet, it is still possible for you to have more work life balance, avoid burn out, love what you do more, make the family happy and still close more deals, if not for your sake, for those around you and your long term profitability.

How to do it?

At least commit to limiting your time behind the screen, and in your cave.

Can’t drag yourself out early? Surprise your spouse with morning or lunch time dates, meet-ups and outings, or just quiet time at home alone during the day; then they’ll be more forgiving when you work late.

Refuse to hit the office on weekends. Instead focus on other activities such as BBQs for entertaining clients, partners and building staff loyalty or just driving your neighborhoods in search of FSBOs.

If the idea of vacation brings panic and cold sweats then take off to various marketing, technology and real estate investing events regularly. You’ll find plenty nearby and overseas, and even if you don’t need the extra knowledge you can increase your network.

Commit to lunching and dinning with 2 new contacts each week. It can even be as a couple so that you can take your partner and still close deals and build new relationships while clocking some ‘quality time’ credits.