The Low-Tech Guide to Real Estate Investing Millions

Can you still make millions from investing in real estate without being a high tech geek and wielding the new iPhone 5?


Of course there are endless advantages to technology and even many seniors are relying on technology more and you could be alienating a large percentage of the population by not embracing it. On the other hand remaining low tech can be a very profitable niche which is right for some investors and their ideal customer base.

Certainly there are many people out there who have cash to buy homes and invest or need to sell and hate email and definitely won’t be seen wielding an iPad anytime soon. If you are one of them too then know that you don’t have to be a twittering, blog face nerd to get started and make plenty of money from real estate investing, even in 2013.

You may even find it even more profitable to focus on doing real deals instead of figuring out all the latest technology, especially in the short term.

If you are going to attempt a low tech approach then at least say no to wasting time on the phone as much as possible, find good alternatives for effective market research, love your post-it notes and make up for your lack of technology by getting great at making decisions quickly and doing more in-person networking.

However, you must also recognize the limitations of a low tech approach to real estate investing today. It will turn certain groups of prospects off, limit the amount of volume you can do, increase exposure to risks and reduce profit margins and returns. Ultimately you will want to embrace the latest tech and at least employ others to run it for you to ensure the longevity of your real estate investing business.