Marketing Your Homes, Perception Is Everything

You already know that real estate investing requires plenty of marketing. However just getting the word out isn’t enough. Successfully flipping houses is all about perception. We are not talking about misleading buyers, just simply showing your properties in the best light. There are lots of homes on the market and making yours stand out and appear to be the best option is crucial.

It may be real estate short sales, rehabs or wholesale REOs that you flipping and many may be in very bad condition or not be in the best areas of town. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t create winning ads and property descriptions that sell. You may not have the cash or want to get into rehabbing yourself and you may be flipping houses that have structural defects or that are just down right ugly. Yet, you can still make them appealing to the right buyers by highlighting the right benefits.

Improve your real estate investing skills by getting better at creating property descriptions and teaching your assistants how to do it. Instead of advertising a property that is ‘in need of a lot of work’, try ‘has lots of potential’. Tiny cottages should be ‘cozy’ or ‘cute’. Instead of using ‘handyman special’ try ‘an excellent investment opportunity’. Property descriptions do not have to be very long so just try focusing on the best parts and features. Does it have hardwood floors, a fireplace, a deck, patio, private balcony or finished basement? Or perhaps you should just be focusing on the price of that it is in an area that is undergoing a face-lift.

Besides just making your homes sound more attractive when flipping real estate it also helps to make sure you are marketing to the right buyers and positioning your properties correctly in the minds of your buyers. If your real estate investing business focuses on flipping houses to other investors then positioning your homes correctly in the minds of your buyers can easily be done before they even see what you are offering. If you have shown a profitable track record in the past and can get your buyers to focus on the only important factor – the numbers, you should be flipping houses back to back in no time.

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