Is Mobile Marketing Dead Already?

Mobile has been slated as ‘the’ marketing channel for the future for real estate investing and even responsible for the downfall of Facebook, but is it already being killed off?

Supposedly Facebook’s poor mobile strategy doomed the IPO and has been behind predictions it will be gone in the next 5 years but could new changes limiting mobile internet access and Apple’s iOS 6 inclusion of Facebook change all this?

Apple’s new ‘partnership’ with Facebook which keeps users logged in on their iPhones and iPads could be the one thing that saves the social network and truly integrates it with mobile, so no real estate investing companies can pull back on their social media marketing just yet. However, putting more focus on building Google+ profiles and circles may be wise.

So why may mobile marketing be doomed already? After killing off unlimited data plans, executives at Verizon Wireless are calling their new ‘Share Everything’ plans the new standard in data plans for mobile devices. The bottom line is that this looks like it could seriously limit the usage mobile customers have on their tablets and smartphones, while making it a lot more expensive. In the short to medium term this could potentially seriously hamper mobile marketing efforts for real estate investing. It will at a minimum mean better timing of mobile campaigns as well as the need to really go all out with mobile apps for those who are developing them.

All the confusion about which marketing channels are going to be around the longest can certainly be confusing for real estate investing pros and no one will blame you for being frustrated. Perhaps the best strategy from here is to continue to work your mobile and social campaigns but not to completely eliminate offline marketing and search either to maintain consistence in deal flow.