Internet Quickstart Academy

Learn how to generate additional streams of income simply through affiliate marketing, creating your own products and how you can even license other people’s products to sell passively leveraging the power of the internet. This event is a marketing specific event that will also focus on creating online funnels for your real estate business and ANY other business for that matter. There are going to be some serious Info and Internet Marketing Players attending this event. These are people that you can do Joint Ventures with and who can do Joint Ventures with you. The high level networking is invaluable.

Exclusive Event!

This event is reserved for our registered coaching students.

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Day 1: Morning Session

How To Build A Huge Email List

  • Joint Ventures
  • Videos
  • Blogging
  • Articles
  • Pay Per Click
  • Facebook, Twitter, Linked In Email Marketing
  • How To Build A Relationship With Your Email List

Day 1: Afternoon Session

  • Affiliate Marketing
    • Getting Started
    • Picking The Right Offers
    • Tracking Your Email Marketing Metrics
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
    • How To Win Launches With Your List
    • Hosting Webinars

Day 2: Morning Session

  • Creating Your First Info Product
    • Creating Your First Info Product
    • Product Creation Secrets
  • Setting Up Your Merchant Accounts
    • Selecting The Right Merchant Provider
  • Setting Up Shopping Carts
  • Database Selection
    • Which Is Best For Info Marketers

Day 2: Afternoon Session

  • How To Make A Product Sell
  • Understanding Your Customers Triggers
  • Opt In Page Creation/Generating the leads
  • Creating killer sales page content
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • How to Get People To Buy In The Future

Day 3: Morning Session

  • Selling Info Products Via Webinars
    • How To Create Effective Webinar Presentations
    • How To Create Interest For Your Webinars
  • Crafting Your Stage Presentation
    • How To Create Interest And Not Be Boring
    • Selling Products From Stage
  • The Art Of The Sale
    • Putting On Events & Seminars
    • The Secrets To Running Profitable Events

Day 3: Afternoon Session

  • Successful Business Models
    • How To Run A Successful Business With 0 Employees
    • How To Run a Highly Profitable Business with A Couple Employees
  • Office Set-Up Breakdown
    • Blueprint Of Our Whole Office
    • Positional Mind Maps & Responsibilities