Outsourcing: How To Build Your Army

Those of you who regularly follow our blog or who have already invested in our real estate education courses or seminars will have heard about and learned that outsourcing can be one of the most power tools that you can harness for building a successful real estate investing business.

Outsourcing not only provides to a lower cost and higher qualified team in terms of labor hours but offers many other benefits as well. In fact in order to remain competitive and be able to run an efficient business flipping houses these days you must outsource. Besides just saving on pay for every man hour outsourcing eliminates the need for expensive office space and equipment which immediately offers tens of thousands of dollars in savings which can be used for marketing your real estate investing business or even taken as profits to enjoy a much needed vacation or pay for the kid’s college tuition. Not having full time in house employees means not having to pay for benefits and also protects you from liability and frivolous lawsuits. But where do you find great freelancers at?

Those of you that already have some experience in real estate investing no doubt have already discovered the power of for flipping real estate whether you are looking for homes to buy or posting your own listings. This can be a good place to find freelancers, however it does lack a a solid system and organization requiring you to spend additional time putting together your own structure. In contrast, established outsourcing platforms like Elance, and UpWork offer a pre-built system for easy sourcing, management and billing for freelance contractors. Just remember that like any other area of your real estate investing business test, test and test some more before diving head first.

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