Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

1 Simple Hack for Protecting Your Real Estate Profits

Written by Than Merrill

Ever wish there was just one simple hack you could put into play to help grow your real estate investing business and protect your wealth?

Well here’s one every real estate investor needs…

Real estate investors wanting to increase their visibility and protect their progress and wealth often search for all types of real estate education and business tips, even attempting to employ some very complicated and expensive strategies.

Unfortunately, at the same time they frequently overlook one of the easiest and most essential solutions.

In addition to the desire and need to increase visibility, credibility and profitability, real estate investors also need to be more concerned about protecting their physical and fiscal health.

There are plenty of crazies out there today and somehow the pressure and emotions of real estate transaction just seem to bring the maniac out on every one. On top of this lawyers are increasingly becoming aggressive about drumming up new businesses and opportunists are actively on the hunt for tasty looking victims who appear to have money and assets they can take.

As a real estate investor, failing to protect your privacy and details of your assets from public view can result in not just physical threats from distressed clients and other individuals but an endless barrage of lawsuits.

Like avoiding being mugged when walking through a bad neighborhood at night, the easiest solution is just to avoid looking like an easy target waiting to get victimized.

Utilizing different corporations and holding companies can be a good start but it is all for nothing without using the right address.

Never, never, ever use your home address for your real estate investing business. In fact, if you can avoid using it for anything at all, even better. This is part of the reason why the wealthy always put their homes in names of corporations or trusts.

Don’t just opt for a P.O. Box either. They can’t be used for most business items and will make you look shady. Get a mailbox with a real street address. Even better, choose a great address that boosts your brand image and credibility.