Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

12 Events For Real Estate Pros To Attend In 2016

Written by JD Esajian

Every real estate investor, agent, and CEO ought to be hitting events this year. Which should you go to?

In order to grow your business, get ahead, stay on top, and really make real estate work for you it is important to get out to live events. Webinars are great, and a lot can be taken in from blogs and videos online. Yet, live events open up a whole new world of insight and opportunity. Ideally real estate investors, salespeople, and business owners will have at least one event on their calendar each month. Don’t worry that doesn’t have to become a dull grind. Here are 12 diverse types of events to load up your schedule for the year, and take your game to the next level…

Local Real Estate Investor Groups

Even most rural towns now have real estate investment clubs, groups, and meetups. This is a chance to network, learn from, and do deals with other local property investors. Take your wholesale deals to sell, find local private money investors, and pick up deals or partner with others. Some of these events will be monthly, others may be weekly or quarterly. If there isn’t one you can always start your own.

Home Buyer & Design Expos

There are multiple home buyer and interior design expos in major metros across the US each year. These are consumer facing events that often attract thousands of attendees. These are home buyers and homeowners interested in taking action and spending money. It’s a great way to gain insight into what they are trending towards, being influenced by, and to meet prospects in a warm environment, all funded by someone else.

Chamber of Commerce

Your local Chamber of Commerce hosts regular events, expos, and networking breakfasts, luncheons, and happy hours. This is where you’ll meet other local business owners and independent professionals who are actively looking to give and trade referrals. In contrast to many other events you may attend, you may be one of only a few, or the only professional or business in your niche. That means you aren’t competing for deals and leads.

Realtor Networking Events

You may be able to attend local Realtor networking events and happy hours, even if you aren’t a Realtor. You can show up and trade business cards, or even sponsor a table to promote your business. Everyone at these events is looking to do more real estate business.

Mortgage Conferences

Finance is one of the most critical parts of the real estate business. The better real estate agents, investors, and business owners understand the mortgage and credit side of the industry they better they can operate, more smoothly and profitably deals will go, and the bigger the edge they can have over the competition. These conferences are often designed for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and front line retail lenders. It’s where they get the scoop on new programs, underwriting requirements, and build relationships with the real loan decision makers. Throw yourself into that mix.

Marketing Conferences

Success in real estate is still 90% marketing. So up your marketing game, and win. There are conferences throughout the year from Boston to San Francisco offering insights into new strategies, changing consumer shopping habits, and new tools to increase conversions. Check them out, and do some networking while you are there.

Real Estate Education Seminars

When you stop learning, is when you stop growing, and end up slipping. Leaders are learners. There’s always something else to add to your knowledge base. It could be remodeling, wholesaling, leasing, appraisals, or property management.

Music Festivals

In spite of the incredible freedom that real estate pros enjoy, they rarely take advantage of it. Why not have some fun, get pumped up, and meet new contacts all at the same time? There is Ultra in Miami, Coachella, and plenty more to choose from. This crowd is increasingly a wealth group that can afford to splurge thousands on a weekend. Why not connect in this warm environment and line up new deals too?

Sporting Events

Sporting events can be just as powerful. Train and compete in a Spartan Race to connect with other energetic entrepreneurs, up your golf game and mingle with the money crowd, or take existing and past clients to a local football, soccer, or hockey game and build those relationships.

Overseas Real Estate Shows

Some of the best real estate shows aren’t even in the US. Some of those overseas are packed with international investors loaded with billions in cash they are looking to spend on property in a single day. Why not show up and win some of those dollars for your product and market?

Technology Shows

Stay ahead of the curve, plug in new trends, and scoop the latest gadgets before your competition by attending the year’s hottest tech events.

Thought Leadership Conferences

If you are self-employed or own a business in the real estate industry you are a leader. Grow your leadership skills and knowledge, and mingle with other leaders at conferences on green building, sustainability, or get to TED.