Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

20 Wasted Real Estate Lead Generation Opportunities to Seize Now

Written by Paul Esajian

There are dozens of real estate lead generation opportunities right at your fingertips, right now!

Where are all those real estate leads and deals hiding? Many might be a lot closer than you think. Many real estate investors, agents, and businesses are stretching and stretching to find new way to reach out and find new connections. Innovation and proactive outreach are great. They are necessary every month. However, that shouldn’t be while letting current leads and connections just slip away. You can’t afford that. Maximize everything; every relationship, connection, and dollar spent.

Turn around these potential lead sources and you’ll unlock a wealth of business around you. Then use that to catapult your growth to the next level with new lead, connections, and advertising…

Social Media

Some spend significant time and resources trying to get some traction on social media, yet miss the golden organic and free opportunities they have right in front of them every day. What are you working on, where did you go, who did you meet or help? Who helped you? Some good, simple, yet authentic photos, video, and hashtags from your daily adventures could make a huge difference. And often it can achieve more than they cheap, artificial broadcasting many others do in vain. Paid social has its place, but just don’t waste the highly valuable free ops in front of you.

Website Traffic

Most real estate pros and businesses could be getting a lot more web traffic, keeping that traffic on-site longer, coming back more, referring others, and gaining more conversions – just with a few simple tweaks. The problem is that the vast majority just aren’t paying attention. A few know how many monthly visitors they get. Very few have any idea how they get there, where they came from, what turns them off, or fails to close them. All of that info is right there in the analytics. It may not be the most exciting part of business for some real estate pros, but the results could be. If that’s not your thing, hire someone to spend an hour or two figuring out these numbers, and recommending the small tweaks that can yield build dollars from the visitors you are already getting, but who aren’t acting.

Calls to Action

Are you asking for the business? Are you including strong and obvious calls to action on social media, your real estate website, and during in-person meetings? If you don’t ask for the business don’t expect to get it.


Are you prepared? Are you prepared when going to networking events, when soliciting new business, when exhibiting at events, when showing open houses? People can tell if you are organized or not. That tells them a lot about what to expect from the experience of doing business with you. Are you prepared for common questions and objections? If not opportunities will be lost. If you are, you can close deals others can’t.

Garage Sales

Have you seen garage or yard sales advertised in your area in the last few months? Did you stop by? Often these are owners and tenants that are planning to move or are at least unsatisfied with their current properties. That makes them great leads for buying and listing homes. Even if they aren’t moving yet, they are captive referral tools you can strike conversation with, offer your services to, and solicit referrals from.

Spending that Extra Dollar

Being frugal and wise with your capital and real estate advertising money is important. But investing an extra dollar or two can make a big difference in conversions. If you come across as too cheap you can miss hundreds of thousands in potential income. Know when to invest the little extra.

Friends & Family

Friends and family are one of the best sources of early deals for real estate professionals. They can make or break a career. Yet, far too many don’t tap into this pool. Why not have dinner with them tonight and tell them about your business and the referrals you are looking for?

Your Neighbors

The same goes for your neighbors. These are often the closest prospects who already know, like, and trust you. Host a neighborhood BBQ and become the go-to neighborhood real estate pro.

Networking Events

There is a real estate networking event near you this week! Are you going? That is a whole room full of people looking to do deals.

Abandoned Houses

America is still littered with abandoned homes and condos. Most often there is a distressed owner somewhere there who just wants to be done with the property. You can help them. It might take a little research, a couple of phone calls or letters, but it is so worth it.

Seize these opportunities and turn them into cash. Then look out for 10 more ideas in Part 2…