Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

4 Ways to Force Yourself to Kick Start Your Investing Business

Written by Than Merrill

To many aspiring investors are either sitting on the sidelines making excuses for why they can’t get started or take their real estate investing businesses to the next level…

Despite having goals, even written goals and action plans investors frequently fail to take off or make it to their destination. Some of this is certainly self-sabotage and fear, others pure procrastination and some just a failure to push themselves.

So whether you are still dreaming of flipping your first house, hesitating in formalizing your real estate investing business to take it up a notch or are still making excuses for not really stretching and taking it to the next level, how can you force yourself to make it happen?

1. Get a Big Motivator

Go buy that Lamborghini or ocean view penthouse and leverage yourself up to the eye balls, or perhaps smarter, take on some investors or partners who you will be accountable to, forcing you to reach to achieve more.

2. Start a Kickstarter Campaign

How about launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring in more capital and force yourself to progress toward a tangible deliverable? Kickstarter itself isn’t ideal for general fundraising but there are loopholes and plenty of other crowdfunding platforms which can help build momentum.

3. Lock Yourself Up in an Accelerator

There are now many incubators and accelerators around the country and offshore which help force entrepreneurs to really get a project off the ground in a short period of time. This could be as basic as joining a local 54 hour lock in and launching your real estate investing business or setting sail on the ‘Unreasonable’ cruise which will hole you up with other startups at sea for 100 days.

4. Get Coaching

Perhaps the smartest move is just to enroll in a real estate investing coaching program which will provide an accountability, motivational and how-to partner to fast track you to your ultimate goals.