Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 New Hacks for Building a Massive Buyer or Sellers List

Written by Paul Esajian

“The money is in the list” – so how do you build one?

Flipping a high volume of houses or even just flipping homes fast for big profits is all about building a list today. Unfortunately so many real estate investing companies are getting list building all wrong.

There is a lot to be said for cutting out steps and going straight for the close with real estate marketing but consumers have become so resistant to list building efforts and direct marketing that many investors will find an incredible sweet spot and effortless list building by focusing on offering value first.

Offer value – recruit contacts – position your product – send them to the pitch

Start by identifying your ideal demographics and exactly who your best customers are and then create a list building strategy that really appeals to them.

Some ideas you may not have tested yet…

1. Online Magazines

Between some 80 million iPads being out there already and all the tablets to be given away this coming holiday season ezines are a hot ticket for building lists and staying in front of prospects.

2. A New Way to Do Social

Instead of shameless self promotion and direct hard selling via your own social media pages what about creating a third party network which appeals to your target demographic in a warmer way?

3. Offline Print Publications

You can tell by how much heavier and thicker real estate magazines are getting that they are doing better. What about your own home mag or physical real estate investing newsletter?

4. Free Classes

How about truly free classes which target your real estate investing company’s ideal prospects. It could be on financial advice, home renovation tips, buying a home or even just how to use an iPad better with the new iOS6 upgrade.

5. Giveaways

Contests, competitions and giveaways are great way to build a list. Even just a fish bowl for business cards at the local gym or bakery can be a good start. Investors can also cash in on the extreme couponing craze with discounts for all types of related real estate related services. Just think about how quickly discounts on title, loans, insurance, appraisal, home inspections can add up for low end borrowers after FHA loans. However, what about taking it up a notch with even more significant giveaways? Remember you can get others to put up the prize for sharing the list or gaining visibility for their companies.