Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Real Estate Investing Tips From Bill Gates

Written by Paul Esajian

As one of the world’s richest billionaires, real estate investors could do far worse than to aspire to the type of wealth Bill Gates boasts. The Microsoft founder recently took to the web in a live Q&A session, so what can he offer in the way of real estate investing education and tips for those inspired to go bigger?

1. Transparency is a Good Thing

Not only was the billionaire open to answering all types of question live over the web, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is considered the “largest transparently operated” foundation on the planet, and few realize he and Steve Jobs actually collaborated in the past. If you can be transparent and win in the tech industry and still wield that type of wealth you can certainly do it in real estate investing and be rewarded for it.

2. Giving Back is Better Than Getting

Of course if it wasn’t for making all those billions Gates’ philanthropic efforts wouldn’t be nearly as well known, yet it is clear that Bill’s passion for giving back has been echoed by many of the world’s wealthiest, that see it as the top tier of their potential. So make all you can, but give all you can too.

3. Size Matters

The metrics show that working on a larger screen can speed up productivity, but before you go bragging about your twin 20” monitors checkout Gates’ 80” touch screen!

4. Be Passionate

Despite the competition you still won’t find Bill Gates admitting Google is better than Bing or find him waltzing around with an iPad instead of his new Surface Pro. Be passionate about your real estate investing product, it shows.

5. Personal Branding

If you still haven’t embraced personal branding in your real estate investing business consider that while some are rushing to put on a big corporate look like the Microsoft’s of the real estate industry, Bill Gates and other leading tech billionaires have moved closer and closer to embracing their own personal brand. Obviously they have learnt something.