Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Tricks To Increase Interest In Your Home

Written by JD Esajian

Anytime you are looking to generate interest in a property, the manner in which it is presented is of the utmost importance. Even if you are in a hot market that is ripe with demand, you can’t assume that the location is enough to sell or rent a property. With every new lease or finished rehab, you should take the time to put the finishing touches on the property. In many cases, these seemingly small items can make all the difference in how much interest you can attract. The greater the amount of interest you create, the greater the impact on your bottom line. Here are a few cost-effective items that can greatly improve your property’s presentation.

1. Landscaping

Nice curb appeal

One of the first things buyers or renters notice when they pull up to a house is the condition of the exterior. If the grass is burnt out and there are overgrown bushes, their opinion on the property may be made by the time they enter the house. You don’t need to make the yard look like a tropical paradise, but it has to look presentable. Something as inexpensive as a few bags or mulch or even just a few hours with a hedge trimmer makes a huge difference. A few plants by the front door can also add to the appeal of the property. Make sure the yard is free of any debris and that all entry points are clear. A few hours improving the exterior often has a greater impact than you may realize.

2. Flooring

Hardwood flooring in home

Hardwood floors are nice, but if they are scuffed and damaged they can leave a negative impression. Redoing the floors could be an expensive proposition. In some cases, this may be a waste of money. Not because they wouldn’t look great when they are finished, but you may not need to take that step. Instead, try giving them a good clean and polish treatment. You may be surprised at how much better this can make your floors look. The right products can almost make them look like new. If you have carpets, give them a good high quality steam clean. This will cost you a little more, but it can give your carpets a completely new look and feel. If the floors look dirty and worn, that is the impression you will give off.

3. Update the Walls

Woman painting walls blue

In much the same way as the floors create an impression, the same is the case with the walls. Start by getting a sponge and wiping down dirty parts of any painted walls. If this doesn’t work, consider giving the wall a fresh coat of paint. Even if you are not a skilled painter, you are probably capable of painting the bedroom for a rental. If you are looking to try to stretch your dollar, you can start by getting just the trim updated. If you are putting the house on the market, you may need to spend the money to make the walls shine. Even the tightest budget should be able to find a few hundred dollars to get the walls painted.

4. Kitchen Upgrades

Luxury kitchen

Regardless if you are looking to generate interest for a rental or a flip, you need to focus on the kitchen. Bells and whistles with a property are nice, but kitchens (and bathrooms) attract interest. In a perfect world, the kitchen is where you will spend a large majority of your budget. If you don’t have funds to replace the countertops, add new appliances and update the cabinets, there some alternative approaches you can try. Start by simply sanding and repainting the cabinets. This, coupled with some fresh hardware, can often give the kitchen a completely different look. There are also new types of flooring that aren’t overly expensive. If you are going to make tweaks and give life to a property, the kitchen is the place to do it.

5. Finishing Touches

Window blinds

There are countless small things in a property that can increase its appeal. Something as simple as new rugs by the toilet or tub can freshen things up. The same is the case with any fixtures in the property. If they are old, the property will feel dated. New fixtures certainly will not break the bank, and can make a world of difference. The same is the case with window curtains, shower curtains, blinds, lights, welcome mats, mailboxes and garages. Replacing these items may not make a world of difference, but they are enough to set the tone for the property. Additionally, they show that you care about the property, which may be enough to add just enough appeal for one person. That one person is all you need to make an offer on your property.

There are many little things you should be doing every time you show the property. Things like how the property smells, how bright the lighting is and the temperature make a bigger difference than you may realize. If you approach showings like you are making a presentation, you will get more out of them. The nuts and bolts of a presentation are easy to remember, but it is the little things that make all the difference.