Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

5 Ways for Real Estate Investors to Volunteer

Written by Than Merrill

Volunteering is an incredible way for real estate investors to give back and use their standing in the community for good. It can aslo be very rewarding, both financially and mentally.

Of course any type of volunteering, giving or charity initiatives should be done with the right intentions. If you feel drawn to it, there is certainly nothing wrong with combining it with your real estate investing business too.

Here are 5 ways that you can volunteer, help your community, and help your business at the same time:

1. Community Outreach

Virtually every community in the country has some type of charity initiatives, from soup kitchens to food banks, or even helping to fix up the neighborhood. Community outreach volunteering can be personally rewarding on many levels, creates hundreds of new personal contacts and helps to raise the value of the community which of course helps all real estate investing pros’ pocket books too.

2. Business Coaching

If you’ve been investing in real estate a while yourself or come from a business background in another industry, you no doubt have a ton of insight to offer other entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. Look for organized business coaching volunteer opportunities to add value to (or even for investing in) local startups that will create more jobs in your community.

3. Affordable Housing

Have you ever considered getting your hands dirty to help provide affordable housing? It could be under the umbrella of your own real estate investing business, collaborating with a local non-profit, getting your whole staff involved as a team building exercise or even jetting off to the site of a recent disaster to help.

4. Head Abroad

There are thousands of opportunities for volunteering overseas from helping construct communities, to digging wells or handing out medical supplies. This can be a life changing experience that does immense good for others while giving you the chance to meet like-minded individuals, find a new spark of creativity and innovation and potentially even discover new real estate investing opportunities abroad.

5. Collaborate with Large Charities

Collaborating with national or international charities can bring a chance to learn a lot from billionaire philanthropists and their organizations and make a massive impact on the future. It could even be as simple as becoming a member of a global organization and promoting their cause on your website, blog or social and gaining high level networking opportunities at the same time.