Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

7 Extremely Low Cost Marketing Ideas

Written by Than Merrill

What happens when you run tight on marketing dollars but desperate need to generate new leads for your real estate investing business?

You don’t have to put your marketing on hold or rack up debt on your credit cards. Instead try out these extremely low cost marketing channels…

1. Cold Calling

Cold calling may not be everyone’s favorite pastime but it does work. In fact recent surveys put the value of cold calling for real estate leads at, at least $400 an hour.

2. Direct Mail

Turnkey direct mail campaigns may not always be cheap but when you are in a real crunch post cards or even a few well targeted handwritten letters can produce real results. As an alternative door hangers can be used to target renters to be converted into buyers. Plus it can be great exercise running down the street with property managers hot on your heels for trying to steal their tenants.

3. Forum & Blog Commenting

Interacting on blogs and online forums may not be a high volume lead generator but it is free and can connect you with hot buyers and sellers as well as help SEO with backlinks.

4. Blogging

If you don’t already have a blog you need one. If you don’t have enough leads, you need to be blogging more. You can set up a blog for free using WordPress and generate organic traffic for free with well written posts and the right keywords and tags.

5. In Person Networking

If you don’t have enough real estate investing deals in the pipeline you should be networking with everyone you run into. From the gym to school, the park, grocery store and bus stop there are hundreds of potential prospects crossing your path every day.

6. Email Marketing

This is a good time to send personal emails to all of your contacts to remind them of how you can help.

7. Cross Collaboration

There are many professionals and other companies who have large social media followings of prime prospects for your real estate investing business. Why not collaborate together and exchange messages to be sent out to your followings for instantly reaching masses of new prospects for free?