Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

9 Traits of Hyper-Successful Real Estate Investors

Written by Than Merrill

Check out the following 9 behaviors of the super successful. Many of these apply to real estate investors but perhaps just as importantly they can help investors better weed out the fakers from the real movers and shakers to determine who they should be working with.

1. They Carry Less Stuff

They aren’t weighed down by a bunch of junk. They may have a gadget or two but actually enjoy their freedom. Plus they can buy whatever they need wherever they are going. Sometimes those trying too hard to impress with their toys are the ones in real financial trouble.

2. Like In Person Meetings When it Counts

The super successful are also super-efficient but they also like to know who they are doing business with when big money is on the table. Don’t be pulled into meetings but when it means $1 million then it may be worth the flight.

3. They Watch Less TV

They have better things to do than wasting their minds in front of the television.

4. They are hard to Reach

This doesn’t mean you should be too difficult to be reached when it means cutting a real estate investing deal but someone who is always available probably doesn’t have too much else going on.

5. Shorter Calls & Emails

Their calls and emails are often screened but when you do reach them or over hear them they are usually quick to the point and quickly on to something else.

6. The More Social Followers They Have

With a few exceptions like marketers and CEOs who value their privacy the most successful people, especially those in real estate investing have big social followings. People want to hear what they have to say and will drop what they are doing to read their updates.

7. The Less Time They Spend in the Office

They’ll work from their homes, do business over dinner or lunch but are rarely in the office trenches where there are too many distractions, low level nuisances and time wasters. When they do walk in you’ll probably over hear them whining about how terrible the new Porsche or Benz is.

8. They are Calm under Fire

This is especially true of the most successful real estate investing pros. They don’t sweat the small stuff and panic. It’s all about finding a quick solution and moving on.

9. They Travel More

Maybe they are more successful because they travel more and are more inspired or get to witness how other people do things and incorporate the best ideas in their own businesses or they simply get to travel more because they are successful and let systems run their businesses versus letting their businesses run them.