Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How Can I Afford Real Estate Investor Mentoring?

Written by Than Merrill

How can you find the money to investing in mentoring or real estate investing coaching?

Recently some new real estate investors have said their number one frustration was not having the “extra income” to invest in real estate coaching. So what’s the solution?

The first question that comes to mind is whether these real estate investors are really prioritizing their spending correctly. Whether just starting out and not wanting to part with one of those big paychecks from flipping houses or splurging gains on toys, pampering and showing off, most do have the money; it is just a matter of priorities.

What’s most important; guaranteeing your success in real estate investing, speeding towards more and bigger deals and enjoying long term success and real wealth or that fancy dinner, new car this month or showing off new jewelry? Remember the power of delayed gratification. What can you slice or hold back from splurging on this month?

Secondly, even for those who are still waiting to get their feet wet and are truly flat broke it is essential to recognize that quality real estate investing coaching will far more than pay for itself. The investment will increase the ROI on every future deal and all future time and money spent.

Perhaps the first thing to invest in is coaching. Those completely strapped for cash might find the solution in making that the top wish on their list as a gift for an upcoming birthday or holiday, making it a part of initial fund raising or even simply dedicating the funds from the profits from their first home flipped.

This is the path to the fast track, avoiding pitfalls, hitting the bigger goals and critical insight you’ll only get from coaching.

Look at the top pros in anything from running for president to athletes and business moguls. All get coaching and have mentors; it is key to their success.

You can go without it, but don’t expect to hit that top, elite level without it.