Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Beat Realtors & Flip More Houses

Written by Than Merrill

How can you beat out local real estate agents to sell more homes and make more money from real estate investing?

While it is possible to work with Realtors to flip more houses they are often the direct competition and in many cases the sworn enemy of real estate investing pros.

5 Tips for Beating out Realtor Competition to Sell More Homes

1. Be a Better Networker

The Business Insider recently ran a report highlighting how luxury agents focus their businesses. These often egotistical professionals who make an average of 5% commission (almost double that of their lower end associates) apparently focus more on wining and dining to get their leads. We also know that they promote themselves as having exclusive ‘off-market’ listings and work hard at brand domination.

2. Beat Them with Local SEO

According to the Wall Street Journal coverage real estate agents in mid-sized markets with more affordable homes focus on online marketing and prospects that are relocating. As a newer real estate investor you may not have the budget to wrap your car and flood the market with your branding or have reputation to demand high level corporate referral partners. However, most Realtors are really terrible at online marketing. You can beat them at social and you can beat them with local SEO.

3. Stop Bragging

Realtors love to boast about being “#1” or the “top selling agent (of something)” but somehow that seems to be interpreted as being the slickest and dirtiest salesperson in the eye of buyers. Do you want to be helped or be another victim of a fast talking, over paid Realtor? So don’t brag about your income or sales in your branding or social media posts.

4. Be Trusted

Instead of the above focus on becoming known as the trusted local real estate professional who can really help people.

5. Respond Faster

In virtually 90% of cases today it is the real estate person who responds the fastest who gets the deal. So be fast and reply all the time. If you can’t handle the volume get help or stop wasting money on the extra marketing.