Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Get Your Black Belt in Real Estate Investing

Written by Paul Esajian

What does it take to be a black belt or MMA champion level real estate investor?

There is a lot real estate investors can learn about mastering their craft from top martial artists. They know what it takes to pursue excellence and rise to an elite level of competition and what it takes to win.

6 Tips for Winning from Black Belts

1. Training

For martial artists training is a lifelong endeavor. This doesn’t mean they never start competing; they just never give up learning new techniques and adapting. Make real estate education part of your long term plan and everyday life.

2. Get a Mentor

Despite who strong, talented and fearsome even the best MMA competitors are they never feel embarrassed about getting instruction and a mentor. In fact they pride themselves on not just how much they learn but who they learn it from. They know they need the best training to be the best themselves.

3. Weapons

Martial artist grow into using weapons and are taught how to utilize what they have at hand as improvised weapons to get the edge. For real estate investing today this means learning to be resourceful and embracing the tech tools which are available.

4. Embrace Fear

Any MMA pro who has stepped in the cage more than once can’t say they have never felt fear but they do know how to embrace it, how to train so that they don’t need to fear and how to use it to keep them alive. As a real estate investor you shouldn’t be ashamed to say you aren’t always 200% confident but that just signals what areas you need to target your real estate education in, when you should duck instead of strike and that you can overcome it too.

5. Get Back Up

Rare is the champ how has never been knocked down or even knocked out or at least taken a serious beating. What makes the difference in them winning is that they get back up.

6. All in

Top martial arts practitioners and competitors aren’t part timers, they put everything into being the best from what they eat to how much they sleep to taking time to rest, but they also know about the need for promoters and bragging about their talents in order to get a shot at the title. So give real estate investing your all and recognize that still you’ll want to capitalize on marketing and PR opportunities to really take home the gold.