Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The Need To Brand Your Real Estate Investing Business

Written by JD Esajian

How important is it to brand your real estate investing business?

A new survey suggests that real estate investors are unlikely to survive in today’s competitive market unless they get serious about branding their business.

Real estate investors often debate the decision to operate independently or build a real business and brand. Many more think that they can put off the decision. However, the need to brand your real estate investing business has never been greater.

Of course, those that have invested in their real estate education know all too well that that they need to brand their business. They know it can incorporate lower taxes, minimal liability and increased returns. In fact, the earlier they do it, the better. Most have real estate investing websites, domain names, social media URLs for their businesses, and vanity phone numbers. So instead of allowing all of the components to grow fragmented, why not pull it all together as a formal brand identity?

Value can simultaneously be built into a real estate investing business without much additional effort, providing there is a unified brand identity.

Why not accept the windfall in additional profit that a brand can deliver, whether to leverage it later, or have the option to sell?

A lot has been said about personal branding, as it can be an extremely powerful strategy. However, a new J.D. Power study shows consumers are more loyal to real estate brands than people. The same most likely applies to vendors and investors as well. This loyalty could be part of the reason why startups usually consist of at least two founders.

The J.D. Power survey shows that a single point of contact is still important and results in a satisfaction rating 154 points higher than costumers that deal with multiple representatives. However, with fewer than 20% of respondents saying they would definitely switch companies to follow an agent, brands seem to attract the repeat business, not the individual.

Want to replicate the success of the favorite real estate brokerages? Take a look at the branding and systems of Prudential, Re/Max, Century 21 and Keller Williams. Their success alone should fuel your desire to brand your real estate investing business.