Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Employing Hollywood to Sell Your Homes

Written by JD Esajian

Creative investors are enrolling Hollywood to help the move their real estate investing deals. How much more visibility could you ask for?

Even across the pond in London residential and commercial real estate investors have caught onto how they can capitalize on Hollywood’s marketing help and huge budgets. How? Real estate investing pros with vacant properties have begun tapping into Hollywood film producer’s needs for prime filming locations and vantage points, with one small roof top becoming dubbed ‘the most valuable real estate in London’. Move over Queen.

Movie production houses spend hundreds of thousands if not many millions every year on renting locations for shoots and you couldn’t ask for higher rates.

However if flipping houses is your thing and nothing but the highest price and maximum spreads will do, Hollywood can help there too. Just look at the recent ‘American Horror Story’ series which featured a home that the owner’s were coincidentally trying to sell in the movie and which is now on the market for a modest $17 million.

So get sweet rents, hang out with stars and get maximum exposure for your real estate investing deals in the press in the movie theatre and on TV, for FREE. Yes, please!

Of course most of you are probably immediately wondering how you are going to pull this off without having Hollywood connections. Connections are really not that hard to make if you can put yourself in the right place. Though even if you can’t take off and hangout in the LA club scene or at the poker tables in Vegas for the net few weeks that are a few fun options you can try from home.

Real estate investing companies can create pitches for movies or reality TV shows and send them off. If you can’t write, hire someone. There are scouts on the look out for ideas everyday. Use YouTube to get your homes on video and on the web where they can be seen. Or perhaps let local film students use one of your homes for their projects which they may use to break into Hollywood themselves and let them do the work.

What do you have to lose? At a minimum you will gain more brand recognition and get your real estate investing business in front of some wealthier prospects for the future.