Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Find Your Real Estate Investing Sweet Spot

Written by Peter Jonnes

Have you found your real estate investing sweet spot where deals and money flow in easily?

There are so many strategies and forms of real estate investing that sometimes new investors try to squeeze themselves into a mold that isn’t right for them. They jump on what they see others are doing, read a book and then wonder why they struggle for months without seeing results.

Of course, in some cases it may be merely a case of a lack of real estate education or at least a good and up to date real estate investing education. In others it is a matter of trying to force themselves into doing things they really don’t enjoy or a role they don’t have the talents for.

However, everyone can find their sweet spot in real estate investing. The position where everything seems to flow effortlessly, results roll in and so do the dollars.

So how can you find yours?

Start by taking an inventory of the things you have always enjoyed doing, the natural talents you have and the skills you have picked up on other jobs in the past.

Perhaps you have always been a bit of a geek and it is just a matter of applying your tech skills to buying and selling homes over the web.

Maybe you have always been the wheeler dealer type, setting up lemonade stands as a kid, selling your friends your old toys at yard sales or finding great discounts on everything you buy and find your skills are an excellent match for wholesaling real estate.

Or perhaps you have always enjoyed fixing things and have a burning passion for interior design and will find rehabbing and flipping homes your sweet spot.

Others may have always been the one called on by neighbors to help out and are great with handyman jobs and would love owning rentals and being a landlord.

Before we break into the new year take time to really find your sweet spot and enjoy the best year of real estate investing and income you have ever had.