Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Flipping Houses: Are You Being Creative Enough?

Written by Paul Esajian

While the housing market may be improving in some areas of the country it is still more critical than ever to get creative if you want to be flipping houses fast and getting top dollar for your homes.

Are you really doing enough to get your homes in front of buyers? Here are 3 things you might not have thought of yet…

Bargain Homes for Bargain Shoppers

It was interesting to see at least three real estate stalls set up at one SW Florida flea market last weekend. However, from the buzz of shoppers lining up to see what was on offer it appeared to be working a treat for those showing off their deals. What can you do to get in front of a connect with more buyers face to face so that you can turn up the volume of your real estate investing?

Get the Martians to Make Your Mortgage Payments

One California marketing firm has been painting homes wild colors and turning them into giant billboards to promote its services. In return they are offering to pay the home owner’s mortgage payments for up to a year. So can you find someone who will cover your holding costs in return for letting them advertise on your property or how can you turn your properties into attention grabbing marketing materials?

Motivate the Neighbors to Sell Homes for You

Neighbors haven’t always been the biggest fan of real estate investing companies flipping houses next door. However, the bottom line is that the faster they help you sell and for the most money the faster their own home values will rise. Arm them with your fliers, get them promoting you to their social networks and inviting their friends and families to your open houses.