Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Flipping More Houses: 5 Ways To Improve Creative Thinking

Written by Paul Esajian

While planning and having systems is an essential element of a successful real estate investing business, creative and innovative thinking is just as crucial for figuring out who to do those big deals and craft effective marketing campaigns. So just as investing in a great real estate education is important, fortunately you can also learn to enhance and develop your creative thinking.

Check out these 5 ways to boost your innovative thinking for flipping more houses, by challenging your mind to work in new ways.

1. Strategy Games

Strategy games will build your brain power and train you to look out for new opportunities. Try out backgammon, chess, Risk and even Monopoly.

2. Travel

Traveling is a great way to expand your mind. Discover new potential markets for real estate investing and see how others are marketing and flipping houses in other states or countries.

3. Shop For Music

Did you know that listening to music has been proven to build up the right side of your brain which makes you more emotionally intelligent? So get out to the store and get some inspiration tunes to keep you pumped up and smarter.

4. Play Video Games

Video games are now used to train people for some of the most important and dangerous jobs in the world so you can bet the coordination and strategy required can help you flip more houses. Plus the kids will love you spending the extra time with them on the Wii, Xbox or Playstation.

5. Art Classes

Attend a drawing, painting, sculpting or graphic design class. Unleash your creativity, use your brain in new ways and improve your visual marketing skills for your real estate investing business.

These are just a few ideas. Try something new every week and maximize the opportunities to network and grow your contacts for compounded benefits for flipping more houses.