Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How to Generate More Creative Real Estate Investing Ideas

Written by Than Merrill

We all know innovation is critical for success in business today and generating more creative solutions for investing in real estate is something every investor wants more of. So how can you fuel more of that creative thinking and a natural sense for innovating to build a better real estate investing business and close more deals?

4 tips for more creativity & innovation:

1. Do Something Completely Different

Get the brain going and shake up your creative juices by doing something completely different. Stuck for ideas? Choose something from your ‘bucket list’ and just do it. Go ride an elephant, bungee jump or skydive, or try out the 1 Day M class at the BMW Performance Driving School to get the adrenaline pumping and creativity flowing.

2. Travel

One of the best ways to find new ways to solve real estate investing challenges and get a new perspective is to travel. Perhaps you’ll find a solution already in play abroad or just the Zen time to put your mind into it without all the distractions. Try a new exotic vacation spot in the sun, go climb the Kilimanjaro in Africa or just head up to the mountains in the Carolina’s for some golf and trout fishing with crisp fresh air and inspiration views.

3. Read

It’s hard to get more out of your brain if you aren’t putting new stuff in. You finished your basic real estate education course; that’s great. Now build on that by taking an appraisal course, learning a new real estate investing strategy to compliment what you are doing, grab a stack of books and find a juicy thought to marinate on each day or set aside 30 minutes of your morning to find some golden nuggets among your favorite blogs.

4. Listen

Want some fresh real estate investing ideas? May be all you need to do is listen. Maybe your employees already have the solution and you have just been dismissing them or perhaps you can find the solution to your problem via social networks and crowdsourcing in minutes.