Gregg Cohen & Alex Sifakis


Since joining the Fortune Builders Mastery program, we have dramatically changed our outlook, process, and systems for rehabbing properties. We have completed two rehabs totaling over $40,000 in profit (PROFIT, not revenue!) in the last 9 months! We are starting a third rehab and are working on several short sales as well. The Mastery Program has allowed us to create several streams of new income and it just keeps getting better!

The teaching methods within the mastery program are not your typical college classroom brain dumps. The mastery program provides you with videos, documents, mind maps, how-to’s, and it boils everything down to only the information you really need to be successful. This helps to eliminate much of the information overload that comes with so many other classes, and causes you to miss the important parts!

I would recommend this program to anyone with a passion for real estate investing. You will be successful if you follow through this program!