Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Halloween Marketing Strategies For The Savvy Investor

Written by Paul Esajian

While many investors are gearing up for the winter months, in an attempt to prepare for next year, there are still plenty of opportunities to be had as 2013 draws to an end. The holidays, in particular, offer a unique contingency plan for those who intend to market into 2014. Combining your real estate efforts with a holiday theme may not only benefit your business, but it can capture the attention of a potential client who appreciates the extra effort put forth. You never know where your next deal will come from.

Investors often view the closing months of the year as a time for relaxation and evaluation. That is to say, the previous months have been filled with so much activity that it is time to take a step back and breathe. At this time, investors tend to spend time with their family and place their business needs aside. However, while family should always be a priority, simply relegating your business to a nuisance at this time of the year is ill-advised.

Savvy investors are aware that a successful business requires due diligence. Take some extra time to spend with your family over the holidays, but be sure to pay attention to your business efforts too. Doing so will not only help you close more deals and meet quotas, but it can potentially help you start off 2014 with a bang. Use the individual holidays to initiate creative marketing campaigns and you may be reaping the benefits earlier than you think.

As today is Halloween, we have taken the time to illustrate some fun marketing techniques that can simultaneously boost your profits and visibility. They are as follows:

Send Out a Halloween Themed Email About Curb Appeal

Send out an email blast to prospective clients who may be selling their house. While it should not be specifically designed to get their business, it should, at the very least, make them aware of your presence. Again, it is Halloween, so write the message accordingly. The email could be titled, ”Keep Your Home From Looking Like A Haunted House To Potential Buyers.” Remind your clients to look at the outside of their house from a buyer’s perspective. Is the paint chipping? Is the lawn mowed? Is the pavement in good condition? At the very least, Halloween provides you with a reason to contact potential clients.

Host a Home Decorating Contest

As a means to gain attention, ask your clients to post photos of their decorated homes on your website. In fact, make it a contest with prizes. This provides a fun opportunity for everyone and generates more exposure for your business. Furthermore, as the real estate industry is a people business, you will be establishing relationships. Prospective clients are likely to appreciate your hard work and may reciprocate their affinity. Just getting people talking about your business is enough.

Direct Mail Campaign

Halloween, at the very least, provides investors with a reason to reach out to prospective clients without coming off too needy. It is perhaps the perfect opportunity to initiate a direct mail campaign. Real estate agents love to send out postcards, and homeowners love to be remembered, that’s why your clients will appreciate a helpful postcard for Halloween. One way to grab their attention is by sending a Halloween themed postcard with a greeting like, “The Housing Market Doesn’t Have to be Scary.” However, be sure to include information relative to your business.

Host a Halloween Home Buying Seminar

Hosting a Halloween-themed home buying party is perhaps the most direct approach to getting your point across. While this is often hard to accomplish for new investors, the added benefit of the holiday may make it easier to accomplish.

Host a themed home buying seminar at your office or local community center. Put an ad in the local paper inviting the public to the seminar. Invite someone from a local lending institution to speak about financing. Hand out brochures with pictures and descriptions of your listings. Serve cider and snacks for everyone to partake in. Give out Halloween treat bags with your business cards and relevant information.