Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

How To Increase Real Estate Listing Exposure: Part 1

Written by Than Merrill

If your real estate listings continue to be neglected, for whatever reason, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy. It may be all that you need to do to sell your property in a timely and profitable fashion. The following list consists of simple ideas that may just garner the attention your property needs to sell for top dollar:

Gain A Fresh Prospective: Working on the same rehab for the better part of a few months can leave some investors complacent. While the actual workmanship may not suffer, it is easy to get ahead of yourself. With the end in sight, many investors take short cuts, as to sell the property as fast as possible. Little things that actually matter are then passed over. However, this is a critical mistake that many investors may not even realize they are making.

If you aren’t sure why your listing isn’t gaining traction, bring in someone else to give you an outside perspective. Sometimes you are so invested in a property that you can pass over minute details. A subsequent opinion may be all you need to notice something small. Perhaps all you need to do is rearrange the furniture or adjust some lighting. Regardless, gaining another person’s perspective can point out flaws that you may have never addressed. Chances are that if they see a blemish in your listing, others will too.

Include Floor Plans: When listing a property, it is essential to portray it in its best light. In order to do so, several objectives must be met. Of particular importance, however, is highlighting the flow of the rooms. Yes: photos are perhaps the best method of demonstrating room flow. However, supplement the photos with accurate floor plans of the property. Prospective buyers will want to know everything about a property, and the inclusion of a floor plan will help them get a better feel for the house. This is especially important if you are competing with new construction or have a floor plan that has been changed through remodeling that might not be obvious from the photos.

Honesty Still Reigns Supreme: Honesty is the best policy – we have all heard it before. As a real estate investor, dishonesty is the one thing that can cripple a business faster than anything else. You should be transparent in everything you do and with everyone you talk to. However, honesty only goes so far unless you are honest with yourself. You need to evaluate your situation with a critical and unbiased eye. Are the property photos really the BEST that they could be? Or did you cheap out thinking that the home would sell quickly? If you need to hire a pro, do it. There’s nothing more important than awesome photos when it comes to real estate marketing. Know when you have overstepped your boundaries and concede when the time calls for it.

Improve The Property Description: More often than not, a seller will list every feature of the property. While efficient, a list of features is cold and void of any personal touches. Investors should tell a story with their property description. Avoid the repetitive nature of a list and really convey how it feels to live in the home and community. This is your chance to be creative. Give your audience a reason to want to view your property. They should finish reading your description and have visions of grandeur.

Branding Property Photos: Branding your photos is an effective strategy, but it is often overlooked. In providing your contact information, in a nonintrusive fashion, you will be the one contacted with any questions. As the listing agent, you’re the one best equipped to answer questions about the property; it’s a shame to let those “online sign calls” go to an agent who is probably not only not familiar with the property, but likely doesn’t know anything specific about the subdivision, community, HOA, schools, amenities, etc. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the concept of branding, there are online platforms that can do it for you.

Refresh The Main Photo: This strategy serves a dual purpose. For starters, if your main photo is out of date or lacking in any area, there is a chance it is scaring away potential buyers. If this is the case, refresh your main photo of the property. Investors are advised to use professional photography, as it will put the property’s best foot forward. Secondly, refreshing the main photo on a regular basis will increases web traffic. Sometimes consumers who have been browsing the listings daily and passing yours by will take another look if they see a new photo.

Take Advantage Of Craigslist: First things first: there are plenty of platforms to list your property on – each of which have their own particular benefits. However, Craigslist should warrant your attention. You would be shocked at how many people still look for homes on Craigslist when they are relocating or even buying in their own city.

Instead of posting once and waiting for replies, try posting every three days. With each additional post, you should use a different ad format, as well as a different subject line.