Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Introverts More Creative in Real Estate Investing?

Written by Paul Esajian

Many have allowed themselves to be discouraged from getting into real estate investing full time due to believing it takes a flamboyant social butterfly to make it big. However, the results of a new study are showing otherwise… While networking and sales can be very important aspects of real estate investing, and there is a lot of communication involved, it doesn’t mean that those with more introverted personalities can’t crush it and roll in the profits with the best. Many of those forward facing activities can be substituted with online communication or by hiring others that thrive in live interaction. What is often even more essential for large scale success in real estate investing or any other industry is creativity. It can be learnt and developed or hired but this type of genius is often far more rare. (Think Steve Jobs or Albert Einstein) A recent business school study found the following 7 traits were linked to individuals with heightened levels of creativity:

  1. ‘Associative orientation’ (having a wealth of ideas and imagination)
  2. Need for originality
  3. Highly motivated
  4. Ambition
  5. Flexibility
  6. Highly emotional 
  7. Low sociability (Introverted behavior)

These traits are found in great thinkers, not necessarily great ‘people persons’. Their time in silence or solitude is what gives them that focus to create, innovate and find ways to make their real estate investing businesses stand out, get noticed and win. So if you have let your tendencies to be less sociable hold you back from investing, get moving now. Push on with your real estate education, get on the fast track with coaching, brainstorm and put your twist on it to craft a winning brand of your own, backed by a proven system. And for those of you who aren’t the creative/introvert type, look for these traits in your next hire.