Jas & DJ’s Review of the 3-day Insider’s Summit

Hi, I’m Jas and my husband DJ. We guys are here in San Diego, we live in San Diego. We guys just consider ourselves blessed that we got this opportunity to come to this FortuneBuilders seminar and honestly it’s been like a life turning event for us. Everything about you guys is awesome. You guys have so much energy, we can feel the energy and for us it’s been just blissful. And to be surrounded by people like you, that’s exactly what we guys have been married for the last 10 years now, it’s gonna be our 10th wedding anniversary in June and we guys looking into some thing like what next, what next do we do to be accomplished. And coming here has given us that answer. So its definitely, life turning event. We want to be here. We want to be a part of you guys, and i just don’t have words enough to thank you for everything. To me certainly I just feel it’s like, it’s the best thing that just happened to us. And it’s just coming from our heart inside. You know ours is a wonderful immigration successful story. And, we’ve done considerably well in our lives. Now is the time to really need a step up some tools some technology some guidance from experienced people right here at FortuneBuilders, who can take us to next level. And we realize when we get into that kind of network pool that is when you start understanding a lot more things differently than what we do in a typically traditional approach. And we’re very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to making that next leap.