Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Layaway Vacations Trending Upward in the U.S.

Written by Than Merrill

How can busy real estate investing pros guarantee that they will get the vacation time they so desperately deserve this summer?

Most serious investors and CEOs of real estate investing companies recognize the need for regular vacations. There is a direct correlation between vacation time and increased productivity. However, many find it incredibly hard to getaway on a regular basis.

By now, those that have referenced educational promotions and kept up with industry blogs have discovered endless tips on time management. Structuring their businesses in such a manner may allow them to enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere at any time, resulting in regular days off.

However, taking off official holidays, special family days and every weekend doesn’t have the same impact that really getting away for a week or more of dedicated vacation time can offer. It is important to find a good work-life ratio.

If you are among those that have found it increasingly difficult to get time off, then this new trend might be just the trick you have been looking for.

While already popular in other countries, layaway vacations are just picking up in the United States.

Instead of having to save upfront or put a vacation on your credit card, you can now prepay over time. Now you can make small payments towards the vacation of your dreams, as you close real estate investing deals.

Of course, there is a slight downside to layaway vacations. If you don’t end up going, you’ll lose all the money you put down. So use the money already invested in vacation time as incentive to actually get away. Your real estate investing business will likely reap the benefits of your rejuvenation.

Sears and British Airways are among those now offering layaway vacations. Whatever works for you for making it happen, make sure you get the time you need off this summer and next.