Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Level Up Your Real Estate Website Rankings: the Lust for Links

Written by Than Merrill

Craving the top spot in Google search results? Check out our quick guide to the links you need and the links that will sabotage your rankings…

If you want your real estate investing company’s website or blog to be found and bring in leads you have to get serious about improving your placement in search engine results. If you have done any reading up and research on SEO so far you have probably heard a lot about links. Yes, it can be ridiculously confusing but before you go off and spend the next two weeks building links that will actually kick you down the ranks or gamble on another SEO ‘expert’ take a look at our quick guide.

Back Links

Backlinks or incoming links to your real estate investing website probably create the most buzz, are the most sought after and yet can do a lot of damage, not to mention wasting a lot of your time and resources.

Links to your site will only help boost your rank if they are from quality sites. So all that junk link exchanging and creating a myriad of mirror interlinking sites is usually a waste of time. Also note that while there is often a lot of talk about blog and forum commenting to create backlinks these are now longer anywhere near as powerful as other types of genuine links.

What’s good? High quality, related link exchanges, article marketing and guest blogging.

Outbound Links

Some advice columns out there will tell you you also need to be creating external links from your content on your real estate investing web assets to other related domains for improved search engine rankings. This can help to some extent but again, lots of outbound links to poor quality sites can kill you. Authority sites only and definitely no one who competes with your real estate investing business in anyway.

Internal Links

Perhaps the most commonly overlooked type of links by new real estate investing companies are internal links. These are the links between your own pages. Use keyword specific and focused pages with keyword links between them to improve your rankings.