Matt’s Review of Mastery

One of the best parts of the matching program is how quickly you can start to actually generate leads. Obviously, if you don’t have any leads, there’s no way you’re going to be able to make any money. So that, actually, was one of the easiest things that we did. We simply implemented the processes and the techniques that Than has taught us the Mastery program. Our phone, literally, started ringing off the hook and so you know, we had an abundance of leads that had come in but truthfully one of the hurdles that we had to overcome was how to fund these deals, and so obviously we implemented, you know FortuneBuilders Mastery techniques in the system. And because we have done that, we were comfortable to approach Than and Paul to actually help fund some of our deals. And, to to this day, I think we’ve had them fund probably four to five of our renovations and they’re comfortable doing that because we implement the exact same programs that they use in their business and it’s been a tremendous asset for our business to help get us started and do four or five rehabs I mean its been one of the better parts of the program for us for sure.