Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

New Year Resolutions For Real Estate Investing

Written by Paul Esajian

What are you going to do to rocket your real estate investing business in the New Year?

Now is the time to start crafting your New Years real estate investing resolutions and work them into you business and marketing plans so that you start 2012 of right. So check out the following ideas you may want to incorporate into your own list.

1. Hire A VA
If you don’t have a personal assistant yet then you are going to find it tough to reach any of your 2012 real estate investing goals. Don’t wait until the New Year to start looking either. Start running ads now so you start the year off right.

2. Revamp Your Website/ Blog
You can drive in all the traffic on the web to your site or blog but if it doesn’t look decent and utilize the proven positioning techniques that result in conversions then you are wasting your marketing budget. So why not have a web makeover on your list or at least make it a present for your business for the holidays?

3. Increase Your Volume & Profit Margins
If you haven’t set clear goals for your real estate investing business for next year then how about doubling your volume or increasing your minimum spread on each deal by 10%?

4. Build Your Social Networks
Even committing to adding 100 new Facebook likes and 100 new Twitter followers per month next year can have a huge impact on your real estate investing business. Remember targeted fans are better than junk ones and they can also become invaluable referral sources.

5. Hire A Great Writer
There is no question that content marketing is going to be critical to your real estate investing success in 2012. Even if you are a great writer you talents and time are likely best spent on the bigger picture. So start looking for a great writer to help with blogs, emails, web copy and more.

6. Build On Your Real Estate Education
Make a plan now for building on your real estate investing education each month, whether it is investing in a new real estate education course, signing up for coaching or attending events.