Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

November Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Written by Paul Esajian

Many real estate professionals, landlords, investors, and businesses may have found the last few months to be a little sluggish. That’s normal for the season, and shouldn’t surprise anyone with more than even a little experience. However, the time is coming to ramp up marketing efforts. The end of the year is ripe with opportunities for novices and experts alike. Whether you are looking to rent or sell real estate, November offers plenty of extra opportunities for great marketing strategies.  Our partners over at CT homes have found that the following opportunities will give investors the upper hand in marketing their properties for sale:

Don’t Leave Your Listings Abandoned

Even though Halloween has come and gone, there is still time to take advantage of the holiday. This is an awesome occasion for real estate marketing professionals. No matter what niche of the market you are working in, Halloween – and the weeks book-ending it – is one of the easiest times to generate extra buzz. It is a great time to actually get people to your properties. Even if you don’t have any listings for sale (or rent), there are plenty of other events to get involved in. Don’t miss the opportunity to host your own fall themed event. It’s an incredible opportunity for warm networking, building relationships, and setting up sales. Don’t hesitate to hand out branded marketing materials and expand your exposure.


Thanksgiving is often overlooked when it comes to real estate marketing. It is normally overshadowed and drowned out by what is to come in the next month. At the same time, that’s what makes Thanksgiving such a powerful tool for real estate pros, landlords, and regular home sellers that recognize the opportunity.

Quality time with family is extremely important. Don’t neglect it. However, it is also important to give back to those who are less fortunate. Reach out to the community and your efforts will be rewarded accordingly. It’s also a fantastic time to show your thanks to past clients and referral partners, and remind them you are still there to help them.

Black Friday

Last year, 133 million U.S. shoppers spent over $50 billion on Black Friday weekend. In spite of the big sales banners and alluring ‘door busters’ at Walmart, real estate is clearly a better buy than more consumer goods. Real estate professionals shouldn’t miss this opportunity to both get in on the action, and to better serve consumers.

Small Business Saturday

Before the dust settles from the Black Friday sales, it is Small Business Saturday. The beautiful thing about this day is the massive amount of help coming from the wider community and small business support organizations. Millions are being spent to promote shopping within the small business community, but there is very little direct local competition in relation to that. Work with others to ride the buzz, and win together. How about bundling deals with local furniture stores, interior designers, spas, concierge services and more to create compelling real estate promotions?

Cyber Monday

This is the online version, or extension of Black Friday. Again, online shoppers will be set to flood the web. This is an even easier occasion for real estate pros and small businesses to master. Between social media, blogging, Google ads, and digital press releases, there are plenty of low cost, high ROI real estate marketing opportunities.

Getting Ready for the End of Year Holiday Rush

Savvy real estate marketers will use the additional boost in attention they get in November to launch into the end of year holiday surge. It’s critical to get the early advantage. Generate attention early, and lock consumers in when they visit your online assets in November so that you are the obvious choice to do business with when they need something around Christmas. The key is getting started on your marketing strategy early.