Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Education: Fatal Flaw Sabotaging Your Goals

Written by Than Merrill

Is there a fatal flaw in your plan and strategy which is sabotaging your ability to reach your real estate investing goals and to get to the next level?

If you are still involved in the day to day running of your real estate investing business then the odds are that there is!

Before you egotistical veteran hit the back button recognize this post isn’t just for the newbies either. Even if you have been flipping houses for 10 years and are pulling in 7 figures if you are still enslaved to your business and aren’t reaching your ultimate goals yet, you need to keep reading…

What is this fatal flaw that is crippling your ability to touch your dreams?


As a true real estate investing pro you should be aspiring and working towards being a leader and owner of your business, not just working another job and no matter how much you glorify what you do if your income relies on your personal involvement and management on a weekly basis you are still just an employee.

You need to wake up to the fact that unless you do something to correct this now your real estate investing business will never be able to reach its maximum possible potential and neither will you. You may make a lot of money and accomplish great things but why not enjoy more freedom and know that you have really hit the top?

For most this requires a major shift in mindset, planning and business structure. It is much easier to start as you mean to finish than try to work yourself out later. For a few starting by getting your hands dirty is OK but you absolutely must have a solid plan and timeline in place now for removing yourself from daily operations if you ever hope to get there. Most notably this includes hiring a general manager and being brutal on yourself about delegating everything.

If this sounds challenging or unfeasible right now that is exactly where coaching comes into play and how top real estate investing pros distinguish themselves. When you see other investors in the news on TV shows and grabbing up most of the business – this is why; they have harnessed true leadership and independence.