Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Education: Richard Branson’s $200 Startup

Written by Paul Esajian

What real estate education lessons can investors and aspiring house flippers gain from Sir Richard Branson’s start-up successes?

In a recent interview with’s editor in chief, Branson revealed exactly how much capital was thrown behind his first business launch, the team he had when starting up in the record business and his thoughts on going big. With the appropriate real estate education, you may be able to start a successful investment business of your own.

So many entrepreneurs, real estate investors and heads of Fortune 500 companies look up to Richard Branson and dream of achieving his level of success. However, many find themselves stalled, waiting for more capital to open a bigger office. So what does it take to kick off a successful run in the real estate industry and build a brand Branson would be proud of?

According to the man himself, Branson’s first office was a phone booth at his school. His first venture was funded by a reward he had received after returning lost jewelry to the police. The “couple of hundred dollars” he received acted as seed money and was the start of it all. It served to drum up visibility and recruit advertisers via phone calls he made himself.

When it came to getting his record businesses going; he hustled on the street in person.

When quizzed on expansion, the famed head of the Virgin empire says “get it right first.” Before focusing on rapid growth, you need to have something that works well. So if you aren’t that patient and don’t want to miss out on the hot real estate investing opportunities in the current market, perhaps it’s wise to take an existing system and real estate education program and put it to work for you.

He points out many advantages of staying smaller, including being underestimated and keeping that rough start-up edge that so many huge companies end up missing. It keeps you sharp and focused on what you do all the time.

His brand has won as the ‘David vs. Goliath’ in many industries by staying focused on the customer. Others get too big, lose focus and usually bust.

He built one of the world’s most successful brands on a shoestring budget; funded by enthusiasm at the age of 15 implementing ethical business practices. As a result, Branson is easily regarded as one of the most respected entrepreneurs ever.

Any knowledgeable investor has the potential to become the Rockefeller of real estate in 2013.