Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Investing: What Will Be Your Legacy?

Written by Than Merrill

What will be the legacy you leave behind?

August is “What Will Be Your Legacy Month”. So what will yours be, what will you be remembered for, what will you have created that will go on long after you are no longer here?

Real estate investing is an incredible vehicle for making fast money and living well but is that all you’ve got?

The fancy cars, clothes and dinners won’t last forever. Will you build a real estate empire with buildings and roads that have your name on them, will you build a brand and real estate investing business that will go on for decades or will you leave something much more valuable?

Isn’t it time to go bigger?

Isn’t it time to go beyond just generating enough money to blow this month or even to cover you in retirement?

What about helping those you love survive and thrive after you are gone? You can leave lots, family homes, big bank accounts and even a healthy portfolio of income investment properties to provide for them.

More than just providing for their basic needs this can enable future generations to pursue their talents, talents which could change history and potential they’ll never get to fulfill if they have to flip burgers or clean toilets to pay for necessities their whole lives.

This is a great start and perhaps you are well on your way to these markers but is that still it, with all the wealth potential real estate investing offers? What about helping others, what about creating a legacy foundation that will keep on doing that for centuries?

However, even more important that money, which is easily wasted and lost, what about passing on the gift of real estate and financial education? That way others will be able to manage this wealth wisely, make it last and grow and be armed with the knowledge to re-build it if the worst does happen.

Take time this month to build on your goals – plan for a legacy…