Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Finding the Best Outlets for Real Estate Press Releases

Written by Paul Esajian

What distribution services should investors use to maximize the results of their real estate press releases?

Real estate press releases have quickly become one of the best tools in the arsenal of savvy investors and companies, but many are finding it increasingly difficult to gain exposure. Therefore, which distribution services should investors use and what are the best practices that can facilitate their circulation? The idea is to create real estate press releases that produce tangible results.

The media and press has become incredibly easy to influence and manipulate over the last couple of years. This can be a bad thing for those that don’t understand the process, but can serve as a fantastic opportunity for real estate professionals. Distributing your own real estate press releases can put you on the fast track to brand domination, greater visibility, attracting masses of web traffic and generating more leads.

There are many angles to work, but done right, a few real estate press releases can quickly turn any destination into the next ‘hotspot’ and position publishers where they need to be. With this in mind, there are still a few investors in the U.S. that will want to try to get by without using their own press releases.

Unfortunately, many real estate investing pros rush to produce press releases without knowing where to send them. Some that are unaware of new web services get frustrated at sending them directly to local news outlets with few results. Others choose the wrong channels and waste money, ending in poor results.

It is usually far more efficient to use online distribution services than to write individual piece mail. Use the Internet to you advantage and allow your real estate press releases to be seen by the masses.

Furthermore, choose between free and paid outlets. There are plenty of free options including: 24-7 Press Release, PRLog and more, with Online PR News actually proving pretty successful for some in terms of creating back links and increasing visibility in search engines.

However, those looking for seriously high profile coverage in international media, or that want guaranteed circulation, may be better off turning to paid distribution services. Though more costly, paid distribution services provide more exposure.

The following tips can increase circulation and maximize the exposure of your real estate press releases:

  • Choose targeted distribution by industry and geographic location
  • Watch your timing – when will your ideal readers be tuned in?
  • Get verified to improve trust among journalists and publishers
  • Include valid contact info for verification and interviews & pick up the phone
  • Hire a professional freelance writer with PR experience
  • Include multimedia with video or slideshows to catch more attention

Practicing these simple tips can help to maximize your investing success.