Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Startups: Advantages of Joining an Incubator

Written by Than Merrill

Could joining a startup incubator be just what you need to propel your real estate investing success?

Few real estate investors consider setting up shop in an incubator to get their businesses launched but everyone wants more funding and faster success.

While it may be unnecessary, once you take a closer look there are many benefits for investors who take this path with their startups…

1. Easy Access to Funding

Landing a spot in an incubator means access to instant seed funding and regular access to further venture capital and angel investors for money to expand and grow. While you might think that these investors may be running for the hills form the way the Facebook IPO has played out and the way they are cashing out. However, there are incubators like Start Garden in MI committed to handing out cash for new business ideas each and every week. Why let it go to someone else?

2. Atmosphere

Yes, working from home by yourself in your pajamas might seem like a comfy way to approach real estate investing. However, setting up shop in an incubator means being surrounded with other inspired and positive entrepreneurs, who will help fuel your fire, versus the distraction of kids or a nagging partner.

3. Networking

Being surrounded by other entrepreneurs with their own talents means great networking opportunities and potentially setting yourself up to sell homes to the next round of Mark Zuckerbergs as well as being able to partner with others to augment your business. For example; you could hook up with a hot programmer who can help take your ideas to the next level with great coding for new apps.

4. Developing Your Business the Right Way

While simply being armed with a great real estate investing education can give you all you need to get going, this type of setup can provide auxiliary business services, a good working structure, the forum to improve pitches to investors and can provide more breathing room to test and ensure profitability.