Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Rehabs, Wholesales & Rentals: Which Exit Strategy Is Right For You?

Written by Than Merrill

Starting your very own real estate business will be as challenging as it is rewarding. The benefits that come with investing in real estate are endless. However, if you want to be successful long-term, you must stand out from the competition.

While it is possible to pursue multiple real estate exit strategies at once, focusing (and perfecting) one strategy at a time is more effective.

In order to give your business the edge it deserves, it is important to select a real estate strategy that parallels your strengths and preferences, compliments your lifestyle, and suits your personality.

Finding Your Perfect Real Estate Exit Strategy

The most popular real estate exit strategies include rehabbing, wholesaling, and renting properties.

The process of rehabbing includes purchasing, renovating, and re-selling the property for a profit. Rehabbers are hands on individuals who love to get their hands dirty on a project, they also tend to have a knack for home design.

Wholesaling consists putting a property under contract and assigning that contract to end buyer for a fee. Wholesalers are expert networkers, love to negotiate, and are ultra organizers.

If your number one goal is to accumulate wealth in order to live comfortably in retirement, the buy and hold exit strategy is the right niche for you! Rental property owners take a more passive (less risky) approach to real estate investing but build wealth long-term.

Still not sure which niche will lead you to success? Take our 13 question quiz to find out:

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