Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Rocketing Revenues: The Anatomy of the Perfect Blog Post

Written by Than Merrill

Perfecting your blog posts can have a compounded effective on raising your online marketing effectiveness as a whole and rocketing your revenues. So what do you need to know?

If there is one thing to focus on doing better at in 2012 it should definitely be blogging. This can improve your SEO and search engine rankings, the effectiveness of your social media and email campaigns and increase the conversion rates from the traffic which visits your blog.

So what does the perfect blog post look like?

Don’t underestimate the weight of your blog titles. 90% of the battle is getting your blogs read. This is only going to happen if your titles inspire your prospects to do so.

Remember the key to getting the maximum amount of traffic that will actually convert into dollars in not just focusing on keywords with high monthly search volume. Look at the commercial value of your keywords, competition and trends.

The optimal length for most business blog posts is between 250-400 words. They need to be long enough to provide value but short enough not to bore people to death and waste the time they could be using to buy from you. However there are exceptions. Some leading bloggers are doing great with fewer than 100 words because the content packs so much power while those with big ticket items which buyers are happy to devote a lot of time to researching may be able to stretch to 700 words plus without losing visitors.

Note that there is a huge difference in the results of those who post at least 5-8 times per week and those who post less frequently.

Content Quality
With the search engines on a serious missions to weed out junk content, fraudsters and those trying to fool them into giving them higher rankings higher quality, original content will only be more important in 2012.

Value VS Pitch
You know you need to deliver value if you want to be taken seriously and expect your traffic to come back and share your blog with others but there is a time for pitching and including your company or product information in your posts. Plus this can prevent your competition from flat out copying everything you write. So mix it up and include both.

Don’t forget about igniting interaction. After all what you want most beyond an immediate sale is to build a community and keep your readers involved. So ask questions, run polls and get their input.
Have your own thoughts about what makes the perfect blog post? Then leave your comments here or ask questions about anything we haven’t covered yet…