Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Smart Growth Strategy: Minimalism vs. American Dream

Written by Paul Esajian

How can you really achieve happiness and fulfillment through real estate investing?

Money can buy a certain amount of temporary happiness and being able to retire early is great. However, Americans are being sold on minimalism while a stake is being driven through the heart of the American Dream.

Many are now not just striving to work fewer hours, but to have nothing, buck homeownership and settle for less.

There may be many valuable lessons in this minimalistic lifestyle. Not being overly materialistic is good, or at least learning how to live without and having a greater appreciation for what you do have is noble.

However, at same time it can lead to a sad, depressing existence with nothing to inspire or shoot for. Yes, being able to work fewer hours and have more freedom to enjoy fruits of your labor sounds great. Not having to work anymore so that your financial future is sound no matter what life brings is better. But having nothing to do or aspire to is soul crushing and miserable. Just ask all those that have retired in their 30s and 40s. There is only so much shopping and partying you can do.

So set big, no, MASSIVE goals, enjoy rewarding yourself and family when you can comfortably and responsibly do so, and have gained a lot for providing a valuable and needed service through real estate investing and have given back.

Then put in the time because you can, because it feels good, because you should reach your maximum possible potential in life and real estate investing can get you there.

In the end real satisfaction and success comes from doing something worthwhile which you are rewarded well for. Through intelligent real estate investing strategy you can grow a business which will continue to throw off passive income (whether wholesaling, rehabbing or in rentals), providing financial security and freedom but still allowing yourself to be engaged, challenged and taking action that really makes a difference and will be remembered.