Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Strategy: How to Beat Any Real Estate Market

Written by Paul Esajian

How can real estate investors beat the challenges of any market to cash in and print their own dream paychecks?

While we are definitely in a recovery period real estate investing pros across the country still find themselves challenged by a variety of different market conditions. So how can you beat the ups and downs of your market whether you are facing a surge in foreclosures and stagnant home prices or rocketing asking prices and a lack of inventory?

Flipping houses really fits any market up or down and has proven to work during booms, busts and recoveries but for those who are finding things especially challenging, know that savvy real estate investing pros have always found a way to create their own markets.

When inventory is tight and they need properties to keep up volume they go find it to hook up their buyers. When there is a lack of local qualified buyers they go out and pull them in and when financing is tight they find alternative solutions for funding their acquisitions and buyers to keep deal flow up.

Right now there is plenty of money out there and an incredibly high demand for good real estate investments. All buyers and end investors want the same thing; high returns, low hassle and security, though some will also simply jump on the boat to feed their egos and what makes them feel good.

So how do you serve that up and position your product to sell out like the iPhone 5?

1. Choose a Product

Even if you don’t have all of the distressed property inventory you want locally there is plenty out there as well as land, commercial properties and even the potential to come up with new development ideas, bring back condo conversions or simply start your own REIT.

2. Position Your Product

Create demand for your product by positioning it as the best real estate investment of the moment to fit your prospects’ needs. This is easy via press releases, blogging, publishing articles and seeding online forums with the idea.

3. Visibility

Get your product in front of prospects by building email lists, using social media and using affiliate partners such as real estate agents, mortgage loan officers, insurance agents and other platforms which reach real estate investing communities.