Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

New Technology Smashes Everything You Know About Real Estate

Written by Than Merrill

New emerging technology threatens to change everything investors thought they knew about real estate investing and housing cycles…

New Beam remote presence system technology is dramatically changing the workplace and those who aren’t looking forward far enough will find themselves in shock as developments like this alter the world of business and real estate investing.

‘Beam’ technology has been incorporating remotely controlled motorized robots with video screens into the most advanced workplaces. This provides businesses and employees with the best of both worlds, blending remote working with interaction and face time.

It may seem extreme to some to expect all companies to be using tech like this in the next year but it is proving to be an effective and affordable alternative, and more importantly indicative of the direction of the workplace and future of industry.

Dismal 2012 holiday sales figures which are the worst going back to the pit of the recession in 2008 are no doubt a precursor to fierce retail wars in 2013. This will speed up the adoption and development of tech like this as companies race to slash overhead, without sacrificing hiring the best talent.

What most fail to realize is that the biggest impact for real estate investing isn’t just about investment businesses adopting tech and embracing more remote working or outsourcing. It is about a coming major shift in real estate trends and demand.

So much of real estate investing strategy is based on traditional housing cycles and old economic trends. However, this will mean companies will no longer be dependent on location for success. They won’t have to be in high cost areas like Silicon Valley or in high profile A class office buildings in New York to excel. In turn neither will workers.

Could this deflate some of the expectations for the hottest markets of the past? If people can live anywhere and still make as much money, yet enjoy more home for their money, safer neighborhoods for their children and better lifestyles, where will they choose to live? This is where investors should anticipate the largest growth and biggest profits.

The game is changing, will you win?